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Availability: Ships Today
Vendor Name: Holley Performance
Line Code: HLY
Part Number: 121-7

Holley Performance Accelerator Pump Discharge Nozzle Screws - 121-7

Holley accelerator pump discharge nozzle screws are designed to hold your carburetor's accelerator pump discharge nozzles in place. These solid, steel screws feature a standard Phillips head stock-style design.

  • Discharge Nozzle Screw Material: Steel
  • Discharge Nozzle Screw Finish: Cadmium plated
  • Pump Discharge Nozzle Gaskets Included: Yes
  • Quantity: Sold individually.
  • Notes: Hollow screw. Designed for nozzle sizes 0.040 in. and up. 12-28 in. thread size.
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