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Wilwood Brakes DLS Floater Caliper 1.75/.250 - 120-2498 Wilwood Brakes

Availability: Ships Today
Vendor Name: Wilwood Brakes
Line Code: WIL
Part Number: 120-2498

Wilwood’s Dynalite Single Floater is a single piston billet caliper designed for Open Wheel, Drag Race, Karting and Motorcycle applications. The rigid outboard anvil half’s low profile design allows it to fit in tight clearance situations where opposed piston designs will not. Weighing just 1.40 pounds, the caliper uses the same .49” thick, 1.1 cubic inch Dynalite Single quick change pads. Multiple 1/8-27 NPT inlet and bleed screw locations allow for versatile mounting positions. It comes with precision machined dry lubricated slide pins for bind-free operation. The Dynalite Single Floater is black anodized to resist corrosion and fits rotors from .25” to .38” wide and diameters from 6.00” to 13.00”.

Count: Area (in²): Type: Dust Boot:
1 2.40 Stainless No
Rotor Dimensions
Rotor Width(In): Rotor Diameter(In):
0.25 13
Pad Dimensions
Pad Area (in²): Pad Volume (in³):
3 1.1
Mount Center(In): Mount Position: Mount Side: Mount Type:
3.28   Universal Floating
Duty Rating & Material
Material: Weight(Lbs):
Aluminum 1.6
Colors & Finishes
Color: Finish:
Black Black Anodize
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